Tuesday, May 10, 2016

St. Expedite's Patronage and Attributes

This is a handy reference guide for devotees of St. Expedite.

Feast day: April 19

Patronage: Emergencies, procrastinators, merchants, navigators, computer programmers, hackers, revolutionaries, examinees, anyone needing a quick solution to a problem, e-commerce, internet users, New Orleans, Republic of Molossia

Birth: Unknown

Death: 303

Canonization: Martyrdom by Diocletian in Armenia

Day of the week: Wednesday,Thursday, Friday

Candle color: Red, Yellow, Green (all colors)

Offerings: Sarah Lee pound cake, red flowers, water, candles, red rock salt, Cajun and Creole spices

Payment for Services Rendered: Pound cake, candles, flowers, charitable work, giving money to the poor, public acknowledgement

Petition: When haste in any matter is needed; for fast solutions to problems; when your computer is not cooperating; for better business; when taking a test or exam; for finances; to end procrastination; for love; for money; healing; court cases; cursing an enemy; death, dying, and sorcery (these latter petitions are not part of traditional Catholic devotion to St. Expedite)

Corresponding Voudou/Vodou Lwa: Baron Samedi, Baron LaCroix, Guede Limbo

Glorious St. Expedite,
I beg you to intercede before the Holy Trinity and grant me the grace of (state your petition). Answer me, and I will spread the glory of your name. Amen.


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  1. Glory to you Saint Expedite. You have heard me and helped me quickly yet again. I am truly grateful. Even though I had to decline the invitation due to time constraints, please allow me a second chance tonight. Thank you so much.


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