Monday, December 29, 2014

Prayers to St. Expedite

There are numerous prayers for St. Expedite; one only need to do a Google search to discover them. However, there is something to be said about saying a heartfelt prayer as opposed to a structured prayer written by someone else.

Here is a quick prayer you can easily memorize and say to the Minute Saint, as he is referred to by an informant in the Hyatt texts, when all you have is a minute to ask for his intercession and need some quick St. Expedite lucky mojo:

Glorious St. Expedite,
I beg you to intercede before the Holy Trinity and grant me the grace of (state your petition). Answer me, and I will spread the glory of your name. Amen.

The above prayer can be said at any time without any sort of accoutrement. However, if you snap your fingers before saying the prayer you will be sure to get his attention. 

Here is another prayer that can be said for getting a job:

Glorious St. Expedite, I call upon your power, speed and ability to come to my assistance and help me to gain employment. Quickly, bring to me (state your need). Grant me my petition with haste, and I will spread the glory of your good name. Amen.

With the above prayer, burn a dual action red/green candle anointed with St. Expedite Fast Luck Oil.

For a Nine Hour Novena to St. Expedite, please visit the Crossroads University blog. It is a long devotion that takes a serious time commitment out of your day, but if you need serious help in a serious hurry, then make like St. Expedite and do the Nine Hour Novena to St. Expedite.

And of course, you will find many more prayers to St Expedite in the book, The Conjurer's Guide to St. Expedite.

St. Expedite Fast Luck Oil is a beautiful red oil infused with luck drawing ingredients that will amplify your petitions three fold. Simply anoint your candles, petition papers, mojos, roots and anything you wish to enhance with the Power of the Minute Saint himself. This oil is handcrafted and consecrated to St. Expedite with the appropriate prayers and ritual intent.

$9.95 for one 4 dram bottle


  1. Has anyone ever known St Expedite to not work with someone? I have been petitioning him for 2 weeks trying to get an old debt repaid to me with no sign of results. I thought I was making some progress, I saw his image come to me during meditation, very excited and yelling "its coming, its coming". I asked him if he was talking about the money and he said yes. But still I have nothing. I'm just thinking, considering everything I have read, that 2 weeks is a VERY long time for him so maybe its never going to happen.
    Before anyone asks, yes it is a legitimate debt, and secondly I know she has the money to repay me.

  2. I have had the same issue. Peititioned for 9 days NO results at all I was very specific and it is not a request for anything out of the realm of reality (bill payements)..I have begun another novena for 9 hours as well as my 9 day one. I asked my guides because I felt hurt and took it rather personal and in my prayer learned there were 2 very big blocks so on top of doing the novenas I am doing 2 unblocking workings. I literally can feel the energy moving sluggishly and have been made very aware of the blocks. So you may have blocks, don't give up in any event its not you. :) Blessings for it to work.

  3. I have heard that St. Expedite sometimes won't work with certain people...for whatever reason...
    I have petitioned St. Jude and Padre Pio and numerous other saints in the past with no results at much so that I don't normally bother with saints anymore...
    But I will try with St. Expedite and see what happens...
    Keep at it...some miracles take longer than others...

  4. St. Expedite. I thank you for all that you have done for me and I humbly ask for your forgiveness if the offering that I provided was not timely or sufficient enough. You are a mighty saint capable of great saints and I honor and revere your strength and abilities. Amen.


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