Public Declarations of Gratitude to St. Expedite

This is a general prayer that can be said as part of a daily devotion to St. Expedite. Begin by making the sign of the cross and saying the following while doing so:

"In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

Then, say the following prayer:

Lord, our God and Father,
you allow us to invoke St. Expedite
as intercessor, especially in cases that we consider urgent;
I pray that you hear my plea.
Help me to overcome this difficult time;
Protect me from anything that might harm me;
Help my family and friends.
Give us peace, tranquility and grace.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Use the comment section below to leave your public declaration of thanks to St. Expedite. 


  1. Saint Expedite thank you for the gift from my urgent petition.
    I am so sorry for ever doubting you. Within a week of my petition you lead me to a resource that will help me for many years. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of the valuable resource.
    It reminds me in the old saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
    You are generous, and so merciful. You truly are a great saint. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Saint Expedite!
    Glory be to you Saint Expedite! Glory be to you Saint Expedite! Glory be to you Saint Expedite!

    With sincere thanks,


  2. Thank you so very much St. Expedite for answering my prayer. You saved me and my 3 children from being homeless, to having to switch schools depending on where we ended up and from saving me money from having to use public transportation to get around looking for new housing. I want to share my story and I hope everyone sees the miracle that came in just the nic of time. I was being evicted, I hadn't found a place to go yet, I didn't have the money to pay for a deposit and 1st months rent either, I have no car and was literally a sitting duck trying to figure this all out. There wasn't anything I knew to do that would address all of our needs. So, I prayed for help, I was desperate. Then the day before my eviction I had a knock on my door and it was a friend of mine that lived in another state, a friend that I hadn't seen since last summer. I told her about everything that was going on and within an hour and a half she found us a place to stay until we find a new place, the kids were still in the same school district so they didn't have to switch schools, we were able to move our things with us, so right now, I don't have the cost of storage, and this place is in the same apartment complex as the one we were just evicted from so the kids still have their friends to play with. This all happened around @:30 on Tuesday, we were being evicted at 10:00am on Wednesday! This is nothing short of a miracle, the way in all just came together so quickly and in just the right time. I can't thank you enough St. Expedite for coming to our aide in this desperate hour. I will never ever forget what you did for us and I pray this story will reach as many people possible so that they to can reach out to you in desperate times and have the faith to know that you to will assist them with their needs. I love you St. Expedite and I will always consider you my faithful friend. God Bless You! Tanya

  3. Thank you St. Expedite for bringing me what I needed a week faster then it was expected.I now can complete the root work I have been working on. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will continue giving to the poor in your honor.

  4. Thank you St Expedite for helping me.With sincere thanks , G

  5. Thank you St. Expedite for answering my petition. Thank you so much! I will spread your name to world! Thank you

  6. Thank You St. Expedite for answering my petition. I had money that was desperately needed that was owed to me for almost a month and I was getting nowhere collecting it. Within a day of making my petition I received notification that the money would be deposited in my account within three days. Thank You!

  7. I have prayed long and hard for a teaching job,, but to no avail. Only after I have preyed to St. Expedite that things started to turn around for me. I wanted a teaching job preferably in Shanghai, since I already established roots there. However, I had been given a teaching offer in Nantong, which is an adjacent city from Shanghai, and has a nice environment and a great apartment. Still I am grateful to St. Expedite for this offer, and I thank him immensely for his untiring succor and concern. Thank you and glory to your name, St. Expedite!

  8. Thank you St. Expedite for all your help and being such a beautiful Saint.

  9. Thank you st expedite for coming through on my many petitions quicker than I expected you are a true and rare friend ! I will continue to honor and thank you.

  10. Thank you St expedite for always answering my petitions and prayers always come through right on time and speedy

  11. Thank you st expedite for coming through on my many petitions quicker than I expected you are a true and rare friend ! I will continue to honor and thank you.

  12. St. Expedite thank you for granting my wish with speed. I am so excited because I can finally move to a bigger and more comfortable place. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  13. Thank you st. expedite for helping me sell my home when I asked for your help.


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