Monday, December 22, 2014

St. Expedite's Altar

St. Expedite’s altar is set up in a triangle pattern. Modern practitioners tend to use red candles when working with St. Expedite; but, any color can be used with him and of course the staple white candle is always an ideal substitute. Some basic guidelines (not set in stone) include petitioning St. Expedite on Wednesdays with red candles, Thursdays with yellow candles and Fridays with green candles. You can use a glass encased candle with his image on it, a votive candle, taper candle, an offertory candle or even a tea light. Whichever candle you use, place it at the back of the altar; this is the tip of the triangle formation. In the front and to the left, place an ordinary glass of water or rain water if you can get it and in the front and to the right of the triangle place the statue or image of him in the form of a picture or holy card.

In hoodoo, it is customary to offer St. Expedite pound cake, flowers, and a glass of water. In New Orleans, he is  typically offered Sara Lee pound cake, but homemade pound cake is equally as good. He is believed to grant any request within his power provided the petitioner recommends his invocation to others. Offerings are best made after requests are granted. The reason offerings are made after he grants his request is because it is payment for his services—an incentive if you will. If you pay him beforehand, he has no incentive to work quickly on your behalf.
Once his altar is set up and you are ready to petition him, turn his image upside down. If you are making a simple devotional, this is not necessary; but, if you are invoking his intercession for a favor to be granted, turning his image upside down signifies a work is in progress. Then, ring the bell three times while calling out his name. This is to wake him up and get his attention. If you do not have a silver bell, tap on the glass of water three times or knock on the altar table three times while calling his name. Then, proceed with any of the works and prayers in the next sections of the book. When he answers your petition, be sure to set him right side up again and give him public praise and a piece of pound cake. Do not eat the offerings you have given him. After 24 hours, throw the offerings outside under a tree and let the birds or other animals eat them. If you have given him white rum, leave it on his altar until it is consumed.

*Excerpt from The Conjurer's Guide to St. Expedite, Copyright 2014 Denise Alvarado, All rights reserved worldwide.


  1. This is to publicity Thank Saint expedite for granting my petition I love you thank you so much

  2. This is to publicity Thank Saint expedite for granting my petition I love you thank you so much

  3. If you have a picture. Is it put face down . And therefore the back or white of the picture is in the triangle .

  4. święty Ekspedycie, dziękuję Ci za Twoją pomoc, wstawiennictwo, wsparcie i spełnienie mojego największego marzenia. I bardzo proszę o dalszą opiekę i wstawiennictwo. Żeby nam się ułożyło.


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